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Asset Security Management & Protection©. ‏

09 Dec - 13 Dec



 This intensive training course will provide you with the many required and demand attributes to ensure you effectively manage your Security Management program and projects.

This training course will provide how your personnel and systems must integrate and support the business in order to secure key assets, rather than restrict its operation.

As quickly as companies develop, so are the risks and threats that they face from both internal and external sources.  Some of these threats, security management can control directly; others may require additional executive support. Successful security management will ensure that the company assets have been identified, evaluated for risk, and appropriate safeguards implemented to address the identified threats.

The Goals:

By the end of this Averest training course, participants will be able to:

  • Learn and analyze the full range of threats and risks to their organization
  • Learn skills to combat these threats and put into place standards, plans, and strategies
  • Understand how to increase the professional reputation and standing of the security role
  • Design programs to protect corporate intellectual property and physical assets
  • Understand the business reasons why security should be a board-level responsibility

Who should enroll in this certificate?

  • Security Supervisors & Personnel
  • Health, Safety & Environment Practitioners
  • Asset Officer
  • HR & Administrative Supervisors responsible for security

The Programme Content:

Day One:

  • Issues of Security Management
  • Insurance Requirements for fixed Asset
  • Importance of insurance on corporate assets and properties.
  • The Management of Risk
  • Crime Management and Prevention

Day Two:

  • The Importance of Security Planning
  • Inventory process for assets and properties.
  • Add and buy new assets and properties
  • Planning and Managing Asset Security Projects
  • Principles of Emergency Response and Recovery

Day Three:

  • Threats to Assets
  • Understanding Loss
  • Key Point Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • The destruction or sale of assets and properties that have been abandoned

Day Four:

  • Principals of Asset Protection
  • Physical Security
  • Perimeter Security and Access Control
  • Standard Policy for fixed Asset

Day Five:

  • Implementing Asset Protection Program
  • Technical and legal rules and regulations for insurance policies.
  • Management Standards
  • Intellectual Property / Security.

Trainig Methods and Certificates:

 –          The foundations of our programs are based on new pedagogy in the training, which includes training in effective methods of linking the theory and practice directly according to the and needs of each participant.

–           Attendee accomplishing the training will get a certificate accredited from CINPAA training centre which is an accredited European organisation registered and based in Spain and Britain .

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