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June 1 - June 5

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Linking practical leadership theories to dynamic team leading, this course comes to life by working through practical challenges and managing the reality of getting the best from a wide variety of people who need to work together.

This course covers the essential skills and personal qualities that will produce highly effective leaders. Delegates will discover practical and straightforward ways to lead, organise and motivate in order to achieve outstanding performance and results. Delegates will complete a Belbin Team Role questionnaire and receive a book for use back in the workplace to develop a dynamic team. The Belbin Self-Perception Inventory tests remain valid for two years – giving you the option to complete the 360 degree Observer Assessments at a later date..


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the key skills and characteristics of successful leaders and team managers.
  • Demonstrate flexibility across the leadership styles and develop personal strategies for enhancing the effectiveness of your team.
  • Develop your team’s strengths.
  • Manage different personalities and encourage mutual respect and cooperation from all team members.
  • Manage effective team meetings and briefings and carry out delegation duties assertively.
  • Resolve conflict and deal with difficult people and situations confidently and positively.
  • Create and maintain an ongoing action plan for continuous improvement of the team and your individual management and leadership skills.


The Art of Effective Team Management and Leadership

  • Understand the role and characteristics of a successful leader
  • Recognising and reviewing your personal style of leadership
  • Assessing the key leadership skills

 The Effective Team

  • Identify the traits of an effective team
  • The key techniques for competent team working
  • Manage the expectations of your team

 Building a Successful Team

  • Distinguish team roles and responsibilities
  • Create the ability to recognise and manage different personalities
  • Encourage mutual respect and cooperation within your team
  • Identify team strengths and development areas

Motivating to Achieve Results

  • Set a clear direction
  • Keep the team on target
  • Provide support and recognition

 Keeping Communication Channels Open

  • Assertive team briefing and meetings
  • Deal with difficult situations
  • Handle conflict within the team and promoting cooperative team behaviour

 Enhancing Team Performance through Training and Development

  • Develop the skills of individuals
  • Problem solving and decision making within the team
  • Empower your team


Personal Development

  • Create your personal development plan
  • Create your team development plan


This Course is Designed for supervisors and team leaders who are looking to provide leadership to their team and ensure maximum effort, commitment and motivation in the achievement of their objectives.

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