Developing and Implementing Effective Performance Management Systems ©.

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Developing and Implementing Effective Performance Management Systems ©.

07 Jul - 11 Jul




  1. Develop and Implement Effective Performance Management Systems:
    • Learn how to develop and implement effective performance management systems.
    • Focus on goal-setting, appraisal methods, and feedback strategies to drive performance improvements.
  2. Enhance Understanding of Performance Management Evolution:
    • Describe the evolution of performance management systems.
    • Explain the importance of psychological contracts in organizations and how they influence performance.
  3. Address Modern Performance Management Challenges:
    • Use enhanced knowledge of today’s performance management challenges.
    • Identify key components of evidence-based performance management.
  4. Develop a Robust Performance Management System:
    • Develop a robust and effective performance management system.
    • Address underperformance within organizations.
  5. Integrate Reward Strategies into Performance Management Systems:
    • Differentiate the importance of reward strategy and how it should be embedded into performance management systems.

Target Audience:

  • HR directors who want to ensure organizational performance management aligns with organizational objectives.
  • HR professionals responsible for the design and implementation of performance management systems.
  • HR professionals who want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in monitoring organizational performance.

Course Topics:



Day 1: The Evolution of Performance Management

  • The Beginnings and Thereafter:
    • The historical development of performance management systems.
    • Merit rating systems.
    • Performance appraisal.
    • Management by objectives (MBO).
    • Result-based performance appraisal.
    • The next phase in performance management evolution.

Day 2: Issues in Performance Management

  • Factors Influencing Performance:
    • The impact of psychological contracts.
    • Fundamental problems in performance management.
    • System design considerations.
    • System operation.
    • Evidence-based performance management.

Day 3: Performance Management Process and Skills

  • Setting Goals and Providing Feedback:
    • Effective goal-setting techniques.
    • Providing constructive feedback.
    • 360-degree feedback processes.
    • Conducting performance reviews.
    • Assessing performance.
    • Coaching for performance improvement.
    • Managing underperformance.

Day 4: Applications of Performance Management

  • Managing Organizational Performance:
    • The relationship between performance management and human capital management.
    • Developing a high-performance culture.
    • Enhancing employee engagement through performance management.
    • Linking performance management with reward systems.

Day 5: The Development of Performance Management

  • Stages of Development:
    • The stages of development in performance management systems.
    • Web-based performance management tools.
    • The roles of HR and line managers.
    • Evaluating the effectiveness of performance management systems.


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