Who we are?

CINPAA” International Cooperative for New Pedagogy, TRAINING & CONSULTING, is a European institution located in Madrid, Spain, specialized in the fields of training, education, and the new pedagogy. Its programs are carried out in various countries starting from the European Union. It is registered in the Kingdom of Spain under license number: COOP. Cif: F-85928125

Our permanent headquarter is in Madrid, and it has representative offices in Britain and USA, and Other countries .

CINPAA operates worldwide, and it is run by a multinational crew with experience accumulated over more than 20 years.

CINPAA offers programs and services to governmental, non governmental, private, Academic, and educational institutions according to the offered and requested programs, needs, and services.

Cinpaa's VMV - (Vision, Mission and Values):

We aim at fulfilling the needs of individuals and institutions with the highest quality and the most modern programs to improve career and professional performance and enhancing productivity and effectiveness of our clients.


Training, Development, and the Human are three sides of an integrated triangle which aims at progress and prosperity of communities, countries, and the whole world. Programs at CINPAA training centers, enables them to acquire new skills, values, and knowledge that develop their experiences towards enhancing and creating development strategies in all fields. This ensures progress, integration, and cooperation of the different local, regional, and international entities and institutions in light of globalization, which makes the world smaller and smaller with the advances in information technology, skills, and performance.


We believe that there are capabilities ad capacities of the highest quality in the world. If they were organized and crystallized their work ensuring Total Quality and international changes and strategies, they would undoubtedly become able to their goals and vision at the lowest cost, effort, and time and with the most successful means and methods.

We decided to hold the programs in different countries and cities in general to provide the opportunity to participants to see other cultures and enjoy recreations at the same time, as we all need some entertainment along with education and development.


We also decided that part of the program will be held mainly in Spain for many reasons, like:

  • The oldest European universities stemmed from Spain, and Spain is still pioneering in developing its educational system which combines deep-rooted and scientific traditions, and the best advances in knowledge and technology.
  • Remnants of the Arab and Islamic civilization in Andalusia a proof of Arabs and Muslims capabilities along the human history.

Additionally, we designed our programs to be comprehensive and diverse to fit the various target groups, as they include:

 Where we work?

Our permanent headquarter is in Madrid, and it has representative offices in Britain and USA, and Other countries .

Programs, Conferences, and Workshops are held at halls of first-class hotels in the central cities.


 You can choose your program in any city of this:

  • Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga / Marbella, San Sebastián, Granada, Cordoba, Crete and Canaria.
  • Britain / Ireland: London, Dublin.
  • France: Paris.
  • Italia: Rome, Milan.
  • Holland: Amsterdam, Utrecht.
  • Austria: Vienna, Halstate Halstat, Salzburg / Zell am See Salzburg / Zell am See.
  • Sweden: Stockholm, Malmo, Helsingborg
  • Norway: Oslo
  • Czech: Prague.
  • Switzerland: Geneva, Lucerne, Zurich.
  • Denmark: Copenhagen
  • Germany: Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf.
  • Cyprus: Nicosia, Limassol.
  • Greece: Athens, Rhodes.
  • Belgium: Brussels.
  • Malta.
  • Turkey: Istanbul , Tarabzon
  • Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
  • United States of America: Los Angeles, Miami
  • Arab Gulf Cities and Arab Cities:
  •  Salalah, Muscat, Beirut, Amman, Sharm El Sheikh, Marrakesh, Casablanca, Tunisia, Ramallah.
  • Depending on the training or special needs, programs can be held in any of the following countries:
  • South American countries:
  • Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Chile
  • Cities in East Asia
  • Jakarta, Singapore, Nepal, Maldives
  • Maghreb countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya) Australia
  • Eastern European countries
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg.

contact information

  • Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg.
  • Training center CINPAA Calle de Echegaray, 628014 Madrid
  •  +34-63-586-76-86
  •  +34-63-586-76-86
  •  info@cinpaa.org