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March 16 - March 27

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 Equipped with the resources you need to drive maximum results, use data from your organization to apply what you learn immediately to your own leadership training. Evaluate leadership competencies and behaviors and their relation to your organizational and workforce needs. Analyze various assessment models that can support your leadership initiative. Learn to evaluate both your organization’s program and off-the-shelf offerings.


  • Discover the components you need to design best-in-class leadership development.
  • Gain the latest information and trends on the state of leadership development and the opportunity to compare best practices against your organization.
  • Access a toolkit of more than 100 activities to use beyond the classroom. Explore ideas to engage leaders within your organization and dozens of comprehensive, ready-to-use tools.

The Goals

  • Ensure alignment of a leadership development program to an organization’s culture, vision, mission, and goals, as well as competencies, customers’ requirements, and business needs.
  • Select and implement appropriate learning methods.
  • List content and competencies that must be included in a leadership development program.
  • List observable behaviors that display a leader’s ability to demonstrate the competencies.
  • Discuss a hierarchy of competencies and content for entry, mid-level, and executives.
  • Utilize process planning checklists and other job aids to create a leadership development program.
  • Measure and link the value of a leadership development program to an organization’s bottom line.
  • Discern the advantages, disadvantages, and appropriate use of off-the-shelf leadership development programs.
  • Implement questionnaires, assessment methods, and self-evaluation tools presented in the leadership development program.
  • Incorporate best practices in leadership needs assessments, implementation, and when identifying high potential candidates for leadership programs.


Who should enroll in this certificate?

Participants should already have experience in designing learning and have a business need to understand the best practices in developing effective leadership programs. This is not a leadership course but a program that introduces participants to all of the necessary components of great leadership development programs.

The Programme Content


Topic 1 – Introduction

Organizational Readiness Audit
Critical Success Factors
Why Leadership Development Fails
LEADS: Model for Building a Leadership Development Program
The Five Phases
Timeline to Build a Leadership Development Program: LEADS
Leadership and Management: What’s the Difference?

Topic 2 – Lay the Foundation

What’s Driving Your Leadership Effort?
Close Your Leadership Gap
Ensure LDP Alignment
Engage Your Leaders Right from the Start
Leadership Development Philosophy

Topic 3 – Envision the Future

Planning for Leadership Development of the Future
Grounding the Vision for a Successful Plan
Summarizing Leadership Development Changes
What’s a Leadership Competency?
Customizing a Competency Model

Topic 4 – Agree on and Articulate an Action Plan

Clarify the Purpose and Establish Goals
Determine an Operational Construct
Who Will Participate?
Leadership Development Communication Plan

Topic 5 – Design the Developmental Elements

360-Degree Assessments
Leadership Development Plans
Succession Planning
Leaders Developing Leaders
Commitment to Develop Other Leaders
Sample Mentoring Program Comparison
Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent

Topic 6 – Sustain Progress

Processes and Systems for Sustainability
Annual Review Process
Evaluating the Initiative
Measuring the Four Levels
What Is ROE?
How ROI Differs
Continuous Process Improvement Plan

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