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Certified Training and Career Development Specialist. ©‏‏ [:ar]Skills of Auditing and Internal Control©‏‏

March 9, 2020 - March 14, 2020



Training and career development are key-points of HR functions. Most organisations look at training and development as an integral part of the human resource development activity. The turn of the century has seen increas ed focus on the same in organisations globally. Many organisations have mandated training hours per year for employees keeping in consideration the fact that technology is deskilling the employees at a very fast rate.



By attending this programme you will explore the ways in which the Training & Career Development functions can support the organisations Business Plan. You and your organisation will benefit by you being able to:


  • Set clear Mission, Vision, Values
  • Develop a Strategic T&D Plan
  • Explore ways in which the T&D function can provide support and ensure best value from training interventions
  • Provide an internal consultancy service
  • Measure results and evaluate interventions
  • Analyse costs and benefits and discuss return on investment
  • Influence and persuade others of the added value of T&D through marketing.


Who is it for?


This program for those who are HR professionals and who want to ensure that their function provides a cost effective results driven service aligned to business objectives.



Day1: Training & Career Development

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Training  and Career Development Functions
  • Benefits of Training  and Career Development
  • Relationship of Training and Career Development to Performance
  • Case study


Day2: Different Types of training activities & Preparation for Developing Learning

  • Informal Versus Formal Training, Self-Directed Versus Other-Directed Training 
  • Types of Activities for Learning and Development
  • Movements in Organizational Learning and Development
  • Examples of Programs in the Workplace
  • How to Ensure Transfer of Training
  • Suggestions to Enrich Activities of Learning and Development
  • Exercise


Day3:  Performance Consultant`s Role

  • Describe what performance consulting is
  • Determine benefits of performance consulting
  • Review a consulting continuum, enhanced roles for the trainer
  • Complete a performance consulting skills inventory
  • Compare trainer vs. consultant vs. change agent

Day4: Developing Systematic training & Development programs & Implementing Performance Consulting

  • Assessing Your Training Needs: Needs Assessment to Training Goals
  • Designing Training Plans and Learning Objectives
  • Developing Training Activities and Materials.
  • Implementing Training: Conducting the Training with Learners
  • Identify strategies and tactics
  • Complete a performance consulting summary inventory
  • Summarize and complete your action plan


Day5: Learning & Development Programs, Roles & Management & Performance Consulting Process

  • Management of Learning and Development Programs and Activities
  • Practitioners in Learning and Development
  • Many Forms of Development (Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Teams, etc.)
  •  Evaluating Training and Results (ROI of Training)
  • Identify changes to anticipate with the transition
  • Transition to Performance Consulting
  • Define the eight-step consulting process
  • Describe how to contract for results



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